Thursday, August 4, 2011

How it all began!

I supposed I should tell you how it all began. Well, it all began about four months ago when Danny’s frustration had reached its maximum. I will not go into the details of why Danny shipped her ass to me but trust me he was justified in his decision.

When Danny got home from work he told Miri pack what you can we are leaving. Little did she know that he had been planning all day to send her to me. She immediately started to cry and telling her father not to send her to North Carolina. She even called me begging me to tell Danny to send her to Titi Tana’s house. But why would I have my sister deal with such a burden. I told MIri, if should couldn’t do the time why did she do the crime. Three hours later, sometime around mid April, Miri arrived in North Carolina with nothing more than a suitcase full of dirty laundry.  

This is where my story begins.

This entire ordeal has been a roller coaster ride. Miranda arrived here angry at the world. Her father had shipped her to a state where she didn’t want to be. All she talked about is how she hates daddy and she would never forgive him. She missed her boyfriend and her friends. She treated me like an enemy like it was my fault she was here.

I had to put my foot down and tell her that if she needed to blame anyone for this all she needed to do was look in the mirror. Her father gave her many chances to redeem herself but she was too stubborn to take advantage of them. Her curfew was extended, she was allowed to hang out with her friends after school until 6pm only because those were school night. On Friday and Saturday she was allowed to hang out for a little longer. Those things were not enough for Miri. She wanted that and more.

School was another issue all together. She cut classes to the point that the school had to contact Bureau of Child Welfare (BCW). Danny was facing criminal charges because of Miri’s attendance problem. He confronted Miri but she didn’t care all her focus was on her little boyfriend. This was the first time he threatened  her with sending her to North Carolina. She cried and promised her father that she would do better but that didn’t last long.

It is 1:00am and I'm getting tired. I will continue the story tomorrow. Please understand this is an outlet for me. The post will not follow a specific  timeline. I will more than likely type incidents at random.

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